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TV Nation 2010

In it’s 4-10 September issue, ed the Radio Times published a TV Nation 2010 survey looking at what we watch on TV (and how we watch it) and how this has changed over the last 50 years. This featured the viewing habits of a Family, cialis buy a Student, and those of an Older couple represented by KOPV’s own Eddie and Peggie Roughsedge.

The article goes on to interview Eddie & Peggy about their TV preferences. Police procedurals, travelogues and the news are favourites for shared viewing, whilst Peggy will watch cookery programmes and home shopping on her own. They also watch Coronation Street and Eastenders together, and Peggy adds, “I used to watch Emmerdale but I went off it when they started having women marrying women.”

Knowsley Older People’s Voice is able to facilitate a wide range of activities where the views of older people on local or national issues are sought.

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