Knowsley Older People's Voice

No Silence, No Secrets

Everyone in Knowsley has a right to live in safe and secure surroundings without fear of harassment or harm. Sadly, more about  some of our more vulnerable residents can struggle to manage and may need some extra support, patient or may be being subjected by others to harm or abuse.

Some signs which might give you cause for concern:

  • A person starts to look neglected, unhealthy or suddenly seems to be short of money
  • They may not dress suitably for the weather
  • You may notice changes in their behaviour, for example, they may forget where they live.

How Can I HelpClick here to download a booklet containing helpful local information of what to do if you think someone is being abused or neglected.

It’s important that you tell someone if you suspect that you, or an older person you know is being abused or neglected. You may be the only person who’s aware of it, and by telling someone you can help to stop it.

Concerns can be reported to the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) via Knowsley Councils contact number 0151 443 2600

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