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Media & Political Culture in Britain

As part of a larger project called ‘Beyond the News: Media Genre and Political Culture’, nurse store researchers at the University of Liverpool considered a wide range of media texts representing political people, medications institutions and values.

The project was called ‘Beyond the News’ because it focused on the various media forms which take politics in Britain as a main topic or theme ‘beyond’ traditional journalism or news programming. For example, a blog on the internet that comments on the latest political scandal, or a radio comedy news quiz in which various comedians mock politicians for a perceived tendency to ‘say one thing and do another’. The study of media content included items from the internet, radio, television, and newspapers. Members from KOPV were one of nine discussion groups asked to comment on extracts from the media as well as general impressions of how the media cover politics (e.g. Are the media doing a good job? Does media representation encourage trust in politicians?).

The researchers involved were Dr Kay Richardson, Professor John Corner and Dr Katy Parry, all from the Department of Communication and Media at the University of Liverpool.

View report of this research here Report for Age UK130611 (3)


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