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Housing Strategy (01/02/11)

This was another consultation conducted with Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council – in this instant with the Housing Team.

The topics and questions covered were:

Empty Homes Strategy

  • Are empty homes an issue in your area?
  • What are the issues surrounding empty homes
  • How might be best dealt with and who do you contact to resolve the problem
  • Is there anything else we need to address regarding empty homes?

 Housing Strategy

  • Are the priorities in the housing strategy the right ones?
  • Are there any others that should be included?
  • Is the housing need for more bungalows, diagnosis smaller units and 4/5 bed units the right approach?
  • Where are the high demand areas for new build properties and why?
  • What are your experiences of housing in Knowsley and if there are problems how might it be solved?
  • What improvements could be made to the support service offered to people within sheltered/ extra care housing?
  • If support could be offered from the sheltered/ extra care schemes to older/ vulnerable people living in the wider community what support would people want?
  • Are there any examples of housing for older people that currently doesn’t work and what lessons can Knowsley learn for the future?
  • Do older owner occupiers know what support can be offered to them and how to access it?
  • Do older people in Knowsley have an understanding of the new government thinking around flexible tenancies, under occupation and what the impact may be for them?

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