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Age Related Mobility (11/08/11)

KOPV’s Transport Implementation Group has an interest in, and amongst other issues, check the general mobility needs of older people including older drivers, users of Mobility Scooters and powered wheelchairs, and those who are pedestrians.

We were therefore pleased to be asked to organise a consultation with Diverse Road Safety, a local not-for-profit organisation that provides Refresher training, Mobility training, and Disability training. Participants included KOPV members who are drivers, previous drivers, and users of mobility equipment.

The session explored the contribution to the quality of life which is made by having full mobility, especially the use of a car. It also highlighted some of the signs to watch for that might mean that further training or vehicle adaptations might be required to continue to get about safely.

The results of the consultation will be used to support funding applications to develop and deliver a range of training to support driving and other areas of mobility support for older people.

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