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42. Vivark - Care and Repair(s)Care and Repair is Knowsley’s appointed Home Improvement Agency (HIA) and has been providing independent living advice and support services since 2004. The service is delivered by Knowsley Housing Trust – now part of the Vivark Group. Care & Repair Knowsley supports older people, nurse  adults and children with care needs, for sale and people on low incomes across Knowsley. The range of services is available irrespective of whether you are a home owner, private tenant or live in social housing accommodation.

Care & Repair activities are monitored by an Advisory Group which includes community members representing Knowsley Older People’s Voice, Knowsley User Led Organisation, and other service user groups. One of the functions of the Advisory Group is to help set the level of charges which apply to some of the services. The group aims to ensure that the level of any charges which apply are sufficient to meet the cost of works undertaken, whilst not being beyond the means of service users.

Details of the services available appear below:


Handyperson Scheme

ShelvingThis service offers a range of low-level services to ensure safe and independent living for customers. These are low-level tasks which can usually be completed within two hours per job, such as:

  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Replacing fuses and plugs
  • Fitting door bells
  • Unblocking sinks / cleaning blocked gullies
  • Putting up curtains & curtain rails
  • Moving small furniture
  • Putting up shelves and pictures
  • Fitting draught proofing
  • Spring cleaning services, hard to reach surfaces and cupboards
  • Resolving any trip hazards such as securing loose carpets etc.
  • Replacing broken wc. Seats
  • Renewing bath sealant
  • Changing tap washers
  • Fitting stair gates, cooker guards, fire guards
  • Fitting child locks to cupboards
  • Fitting window restrictors.


The cost for this service is £10.00 per hour plus the cost of any materials.  If materials are provided by Care & Repair there is a £3.00 transportation cost.




Minor Adaptations Scheme ( Trusted Assessor Scheme )

Grab railsThis service provides installation of minor adaptation works which are considered essential to maintain the independence of an individual in their own home. It includes the fitting of items such as:

  • Handrails / stair rails / grab rails / floor to wall rails
  • Portable ramps/ additional steps
  • Chair and bed raising systems
  • Floor fixed toilet frames
  • Key safes

Provision of these items is subject to assessment by one of the Boroughs trusted assessors.


For home owners, these items or minor adaptations are installed at your property at no cost to the individual. The Local authority has a responsibility to provide such adaptations to enable you to remain independent at home.

For tenants of Registered Housing Providers (eg. Knowsley Housing Trust) any cost under this scheme is met by the Housing Provider.




Repairs & Improvements scheme

BathroomThis service offers support for householders requiring major works to their homes, for example installation of accessible bathrooms, rewiring, central heating installations, roof repairs, or general building works.

Major works of this type are often complex and can be expensive. Homeowners are responsible for meeting the cost of these projects, although there may be grants available for certain types of work or for qualifying individuals. One of the advantages of using the service offered by Care & Repair Knowsley is that the service will search on your behalf to see if your project is able to access a grant to assist with the cost.

A large or complex project needs to be carefully co-ordinated. It will often require a range of different tradesmen to undertake the various stages of the project. If you do not feel confident to manage the project yourself, the Care & Repair Knowsley service can do this for you. A charge is applicable for this project management facility of 7.5% of the value of the works being undertaken.



Gardening Service Scheme

GardenCare & Repair offers a gardening service available for one-off tidy ups or other gardening tasks. The gardening service is charged at £27.00 per hour. If you require regular gardening visits you could also consider searching for a local gardener in yellow pages or other directories, or contact the Trader Approved Scheme Knowsley (TASK) on (0151) 546 6680.








Decorating Service Scheme

DecoratingCare & Repair offers a decorating service charged at £27.00 per hour. You may wish to request a full estimate before commencing any decorating work so that you are aware of the total cost.

You could also consider searching for a local decorator in yellow pages or other directories, or contact the Trader Approved Scheme Knowsley (TASK) on (0151) 546 6680.

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