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Senior Road Users

We know from our members that being able to get out and about is one of the most important aspects of life for older people.

Means of travel will vary from person to person and may depend on the type of activity being undertaken, treatment but most older people will make use of the local road network either as a pedestrian, link passenger on public transport, purchase or as the driver (or passenger) of their own car.

Whatever the mode of transport, there are specific issues that we should be aware of as older people using local roads. These range from the physical effects of ageing (for example impaired eyesight, or crossing the road a little more slowly), to remaining within the law (such as the legal requirement to renew your driving licence when you reach 70yrs).

A leaflet called Senior Road Users has been produced by Merseyside Road Safety Partnership, and contains range of information and good advice for pedestrians, drivers, and those using public transport.

Click here for a copy

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