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Transforming Social Care

The Department of Health has said that it wants to transform the way that Social Care is delivered in England. There are some really positive ideas for improving Social Care from the traditional systems we have grown accustomed to, viagra usa and which should help all of us to access Social Care in ways suitable for the 21st century.

In the past, we have had a Social Care system in which a set range of care services have been made available from a local authority (or other agencies working on their behalf), with individuals generally being offered the service which best fits their circumstances. The biggest change arising from this process of Transformation is that the provision of Care will no longer be determined by what services are available, but instead will give priority consideration to the person and their individual circumstances. This is a much more personal way of delivering Social Care, and is often referred to as ‘Personalisation‘. Knowsley has already introduced this new approach to planning the support that people need from Social Services.

Through ‘Personalisation’, individuals in Knowsley now have much more choice and control over the services they receive, as well as how their Care is delivered and paid for. Whilst this will be welcomed by many, some people may prefer that the Local Authority continue to take the lead in selecting and managing their Care. Personalisation aims to offer individuals the appropriate balance of choice or support to put in place an effective package of Care to meet their individual circumstances and preferences.

Because ‘Personalisation’ offers more choice and control over the way that services are chosen, delivered and paid for – some new aspects of care provision are now available to individuals who wish to use them:

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