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NHS Healthchecks

NHS Health Checks is a national initiative to assess the risk of individuals
aged 40–74 developing Stroke, cialis Heart Disease, tadalafil Diabetes, and Kidney Disease.

They are offered every 5 yrs to those within this age group who are not already identified as already having existing CVD conditions. Health Checks are free to patients, and do not affect any benefits.

KOPV members have found that prior to 2012, the provision of NHS Health
Checks in Knowsley was fairly inconsistent, with confusion arising when some seem to be
receiving them and others not. NHS Knowsley has reviewed this process, and from
2012 a single provider – Quintiles – will organise and deliver all of the Health Checks in Knowsley on behalf of the NHS. It is expected that 80% of these will be offered
through Primary Care facilities such as GP Practices, with practices sharing
information with Quintiles staff to generate systematic and targeted invitations
for local patients to receive checks. Meanwhile 20% of checks will be delivered
in the community, with Community Organisations such as KOPV and Knowsley LINk helping to provide outreach to identify those who would not be identified via GPs.

What does the NHS Health Check involve?

The NHS Health Check consists of a few simple tests that will give you and the health
professional a clearer picture of your risk of developing four common but often preventable diseases: heart disease, stroke, kidney disease or type 2 diabetes.

All the tests are simple to carry out, and there will be time to discuss the results with your GP or health professional afterwards.

NHS Health Check takes around 15-20 minutes and will usually be divided into two parts:

  • Questions and health tests that will give a picture of your health
  • A discussion of the results, including personalised advice and lifestyle support

If necessary, treatment to help you maintain or improve your health and lower your
risk of these four diseases. Some people may be asked to return at a later date for their results.

Your NHS Health Check may take place at your GP surgery or other community healthcare
locations, such as a local pharmacy, but will be conducted in Knowsley by professional medical staff provided by Quintiles.

Getting your results

The second part of an NHS Health Check is a discussion of your results with a trained
healthcare professional. This may happen at the same appointment as your tests, or you may be asked to return at a later date.

During this discussion, you’ll learn more about what your results mean. You’ll talk about
how your results are related to your risk of developing the four diseases. You’ll be given personalised advice and lifestyle support to help you lower your risk and maintain or improve your vascular health. The best action for you will depend on your results. You may receive advice on how to get more physical activity into your daily routine, or how to eat a healthier diet.

If you’re at high risk, you may be offered relevant treatments. Statins, for example, are a medication that help to control cholesterol levels. There are other medications that help to lower blood pressure when it’s raised.

What if I am not aged 40-74?

Those aged below 40 are likely to be much lower risk of having Stroke, Heart
Disease, Diabetes, or Kidney Disease, and it is therefore not economically viable to routinely screen this group. Those aged 74 and above are much more likely to have
already presented conditions linked to one or other of these 4 diseases, and to
have commenced treatment to manage these conditions. They are therefore also
not routinely screened, although those aged 74 and over may request an NHS
Health Check through their GP practice.

Download an NHS Health Check Patient Information Sheet (pdf)


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