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All Local Involvement Networks (LINks) are able to send volunteers to visit certain health and adult social care services to see how they are run. This is called ‘enter and view’. Knowsley LINk has recruited enter and view visitors (also known as authorised representatives in the legislation) to do this. Knowsley LINk has invited members of Knowsley Older People’s Voice (KOPV) to take part in the Enter and View work.

Knowsley LINk does not use enter and view as a tool to criticise health and adult social care services, ambulance but as a chance to help services improve and meet the needs of their users.

Reports are available for visits undertaken to the following Care Homes:

 Haven Lea (26 Nov 2010)                        Appleby Court (11 March 2011)

Beechlands (26 Jan 2011)                        Hillside (11 Mar 2011)

Kirkby House (3 Feb 2011)                     Thorton Leigh (11 Mar 2011)

Whitestone Lodge (3 Feb 2011)             Maple Lodge (16 Mar 2011)

Huyton Hey Manor (24 Feb 2011)

Enter and view visitors have to be recruited, trained, and have a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check before carrying out a visit on behalf of Knowsley LINk. You can read about Knowsley LINk’s policy and procedure for enter and view on their Website

Enter and view: your questions answered

What do enter and view visitors do?
Enter and view visitors will be involved in: meetings to plan or discuss visits; writing about what they observe; team working.
When enter and view visitors report on a visit they can make recommendations to improve the service. These reports and recommendations will be sent to the service providers and/or commissioners, who are required to respond.

Who can be an ‘enter and view’ visitor?
Anyone can be an enter and view volunteer, as long as they go through the recruitment and training processes.

What support is available?
Enter and view visitors have access to a Support Officer who will help with the planning and organising of visits and writing the reports.

Who do I talk to about becoming an enter and view visitor?
If you are interested in learning more about enter and view, including becoming a volunteer yourself, please contact Josie Melia on 0151 443 4875 or email

What happens when I apply?
People are selected by a recruitment process that includes an application form, interview, training, and enhanced CRB checks. People may also have to register with the Independent Safeguarding Authority when it is established.

Knowsley LINk follows the Department of Health’s Code of Conduct for entering and viewing services.

Please note that volunteers do not carry out ‘inspections’: visits are designed to gather information. The aim of enter and view is to enable communities to have access to the best possible services by working constructively with service providers and commissioners.

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