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Increased Care Charges

Knowsley Council have a Charging Policy for Non Residential Care Services.

Under this policy an assessment is made to establish if adults can afford to pay a contribution towards the cost of the services they receive.

Some people will be entitled to free services because their income is low. There are also some circumstances where the government says you don’t have to pay. These include when:

  • You suffer from Creuzfeldt Jacob Disease
  • You are subject to Section 117 of the Mental Health Act 1983
  • You are under the age of 18 years
  • Your services are defined as continuing health care

Due to reduced funding from Central Government, viagra many service users are now being re-assessed and may be asked to make an increased contribution toward the cost of their care.

If you feel that the decision about how much you need to pay is wrong or unfair, it is important to contact Knowsley Council within one month of receiving your letter. KOPV would encourage you not to give up the services you receive, but to discuss your concerns with the people who worked out your payments. They will work through 3 stages to re-examine whether your assessment is fair:

  1. Review – your case will be looked at again (usually by a different member of staff)
  2. Appeal – you can make an appeal to the Director of Health & Social Care
  3. Further Appeal – if you are still unhappy with the decision you can ask for your case to be looked at by the Appeals Committee of the Council

More information on Knowsley Council’s Charging Policy, and how you can dispute a Financial Assessment Decision can be found in the documents below. You can also receive help through the various stages of the appeals process by contacting the Advocacy Hub on 244 4090.


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