Knowsley Older People's Voice

Maximising Income and Spending Power

Maximising Income and Spending Power is one of the four themes of Knowsley Older Peoples Strategy 2013-16.

It incorporates a wide range of finance related issues including issues about both ensuring that pensioners receive all the income that they are entitled to, and and ensuring that the purchasing power of that income is extended as far as possible.

KOPV has contributed to the development of a number of financial related booklets including:

Knowsley Guide to Financial Advice and Benefits – Older People

Knowsley Guide to Benefits and Financial Advice – Carers

Knowsley Don’t Suffer In Silence – self-help

If you require more information about the topics covered here, or paper copies of these booklets please contact


KOPV is a formally constituted body & has a Steering group of 12 elected members responsible for planning & delivering the work of KOPV on behalf of its members