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KOPV Good Service Awards

In February 2011 KOPV launched a new award scheme. The Good Service Award enables KOPV to formally recognise, treat  highlight, clinic and encourage examples of good service provided to older people in Knowsley. Awards for good service may be presented to organisations or individuals. The key requirement is that the service is exceptional and goes beyond what might be typically experienced, offered or expected. The service itself may have been provided for an individual older person, a group, or be something which benefited the whole population of older people in Knowsley.

Downloadable documents

Good Service Awards (process) (Word document)

Good Service Award Nomination Form (Word document)

Sheila Bersin, Chair of KOPV, commented, “KOPV is a group that has never backed away from challenging those areas where it feels older people are getting a raw deal. We felt it appropriate therefore, to develop a process where we could also recognise and reward those occasions when the needs of older people are met with a little bit of extra care and attention.”

Award Winners

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